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J. Cole "Fiday night lights" Mixtape

This is the sequel to J. cole's last mixtape the "Warm up". This mixtape has great music. Everything from the beats, lyrics and features. Everybody from Drake, wale, Kanye west & much more are on this mixtape.
  J Cole - You Got It (feat. Wale) by Loobu

LeBron's new Nike commercial

Who do you want LeBron James to be ?

Bout to make a run for the money . . .

Big sean - Final Hour official video

Runaway fast as you can

This Is Kanye's film "Runaway". I cant lie, there is nothing out there like it. When you watch it you know only Kanye can create something this great.

BET Hip-Hop awards cypher #1

In my opinion this was the best cypher of the night.

New Music

Another G.O.O.D. Music exclusive. Kanye, pusha t, john legend, lloyd banks, ryan leslie and kid cudi all did there thing on this dope track called "Christian Dior denim flow"
Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks & Ryan Leslie "Christian Dior Denim Flow" by GlobalGrind

Also another dope song is Chris Brown's "Deuces" remix with Drake, t.i., kanye west, fabolous, and  Andre 3000
  Chris Brown-Deuces (rmx) by Boomshakalakaah

Derick G's vision of "Light up"

This is really dope. Derick G's creativity is all over this project. I like that he incorporated  all women in the video. Editing seemed like it was perfect and i enjoyed seeing the New York sightings.

Nicki Minaj Pink friday

Nicki Minaj's website for her debut album Pink Friday has an official website up and running. Pink Friday drops on 11/23/10.

Real Recognize Real: Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi on complex magazine cover. My favorite cover in a while.

Mixtape of the week: Finally famous 3

Detroit native Big Sean hooked up with DJ Don Cannon for the third mixtape in his finally famous series Finally Famous 3(FF3) On this mixtape we have typical Big Sean. He didn't change his flow up much but that is a good thing.Some dope songs on the mixtape are "supa dupa lemonade" "high rise" and also "F**k my opponent". Look out for Big Sean's debut album "WAT U DOIN ?"

Weekly Mixtape: Wale-more about nothing

This is a sequel to wale's mixtape "a mixtape about nothing". This mixtape is really good and has alot of great songs on it. When it comes to lyrics Wale did his thing and it didn't feel like he held back one bit. The song to look out for is called "The MC". He went in on this track!!

New Music

Gucci Mane Ft. Swizz Beats
"Gucci Time"

gucci mane its gucci time  feat. swizz beatz


Im really feelin air maxes. I need to get me a pair of these. Trying to post a little bit more just been busy lately but going to start updating almost every day.

Kazuki Kuraishi x Adidas Original

This picture is dope. I got to get me a pair of Adidas now.

Im in between but way more fresher

Kanye's Rosewood Movement is taking off fast. He has been wearing nothing but Designer suites. Im not sure what he is exactly doing but he probably promoting his "Good ass job" Album. Here are some pictures of him. 

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New Diggy Simmons

Diggy needed more time to make his airborne mixtape perfect for us the fans. So since he has us waiting he put out this song which features  Bei Maejor.Download the song HERE

Can you teach me how to dougie

This is the teach me how to dougie remix. When the song first came out i didnt really like it but now i heard it mad times so i enjoy to listen to it.

Diggy simmons is "AIRBORNE"

Diggy recently released a freestyle from his upcoming airborne mixtape called Little Monster. Its really dope and im sure everything on his mixtape will reach the standards. I just hope that it doesn't get pushed back like his first flight mixtape
Download Little Monster HERE
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Chivalrous Culture

So i was looking around and i saw this preview of Diggy's new sneaker line dropping in august Chivalrous Culture. These are the hi-tops and from what i can see in the picture they are pretty dope.

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And we be steady mobbin

This is the official video for steady mobbin by lil wayne featuring Gucci Mane. It's so amazing how lil wayne still is one of the hottest rappers today while in prison. Well, he did shoot eight videos the night before he went to prison. If thats just one night imagine that week. He gets out in November but it's going to fell like he never left us.

Check out weezy's blog
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Stunna told me to stunt

This is bow wows new song Big s**t and i like it. Beat is good lyrics are dope. Also the video is not that bad either.

Im also on hip hop culture blog

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MYy dude Baby Milo

These are dope. Im a fan of Bape but dont havealot of it. Now im going to try to get some more.

Im also on hip hop culture blog

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Puma speed cat 2.9

it)Not A fan of puma but these caught my eye because of the Ferrari logo on them. I really like the red ones because they pop out. I think puma also haves Ferrari track jackets. Anyway i think these are dope so i posted it for you guys. Peace out.

2010 BET Awards Recap

Last night the BET awards was great. One of the best i've seen in a while. Everyone that got a award deserved it.Let me start off first by saying my favorite performance of the night was Chris Brown's tribute to Micheal Jackson. He broke down as he was performing for his mentor and also freind.

Also i cant for get about kanye's performance. I was kind of mad he stayed on the mountain.

Everyone had good performances. T.I. performed, nicki minaj, diddy- dirty money, rick ross, dj khalead, ludacris, usher, alicia keys, janell monae. WOW IT WAS AMAZING
BEST COLLABORATION- Jay-z & Alicia keys
BEST GROUP- Young Money
VIDEO OF THE YEAR- Beyonce  & Lady Gaga
BEST ACTOR- Idris Elba
BEST MOVIE- Precious
BEST GOSPEL- Marvin Sapp
Congrats to all the winners and there families. 

Jordan 2010 Fall Winterized Spizike

I'm a very big fan of Spizike's so to hear they were realeasing some for the winter made me really excited. When i first saw them i wasnt sure if i like them or not but then compared them to a regular pair of Jordan Spizike's and there is not that much of a diffrence. In that case why shoulod i get them.(AS YOU CAN TELL MY HEAD IS SPINNING)lol

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Mixtape review-Fashionably late by Donnis

I listend to this mixtape yesterday and i was supprised i like it.Donnis is a artist on xxl 2010 freshman list.I heard his song gone and it was real dope. i was hoping it was going to be on the mixtape but there was some songs on it way better than that. The mixtape is also hosted by Clinton sparks(Get Familiar) One of the best songs on the mixtape to me is "yup". This track is prod. by needlez and uses a sample from rihanna's song hard.

Donnis Yup
Download the fashionably late mixtape by donnis HERE


This song is dope. Lil jon changed up a little bit but hes still great. This song features lmfao and both members have dope parts.CHECK IT OUT

Im already taken

Since the ready cd dropped i been listening to trey songz like everyday. All the songs hes been dropping lately i really like but i like this better than "neighbors know my name" and also "invented sex". "Say ahh" is his best song in my book but this song is really dope too.

Kidrobot summer 2010 collection

These are just a couple shirts from the summer 2010 collection from kidrobot. They are just typical kidrobot shirts that everyone loves.

On that willy wonka status

You wont find me posting stuff like this alot but i really like this song. She did a good job when she performed it at the MTV movie awards. The video is really creative and you can tell that the director and katy perry put there heads toghether to make this great video. Of course snoop is chillin in his boss dogg

Teknines – 18k Gold earphones

These earphones are crazy dope. There like bullets in your ear. 18k Gold to listen to your music is just straight RIDICULOUS. The price is 250 dollars. I guess it depends on the buyer because you can get a iphone for 200 dollars so why just by some headphones for 250. But remember, they are gold and you'll be the coolest person in the streets. If i got theses i wouldnt even have to be listening to music for them to be in my ears. They will be available for online purchase in about 10 days if not mistaken.

Drake's Tim westwood freestyle

I just heard this freestyle today and i think drake did his thing. His "Thank me later" album recently leaked and it's amazing. I don't think drakes album leaking will effect his sales. Reason being is because the dude did go on a country wide tour with lil wayne, young jeezy and soulja boy off one mixtape. That's what i think people don't realize, is that all of our favorite drake songs are coming off of mixtapes. Theres only one that actually is off a album and that's "Forever" which is on LeBron James "More than A game soundtrack"

They want me to fall

Brand New diggy called "Great expectations" SONG IS PRETTY DOPE AND IT'S THE FIRST SONG OFF HIS #AIRBORNE mixtape. Check it out.

Diggy Simmons feat Bei Maejor Great Expectations

Im living in that 21st century

This song is dope the beat to the lyrics i like everything about it. The song is called power and we know for a fact kanye is back. #TEAMKANYE

Dont see me, See art

If you guys dont know its a new artist and i really enjoy his work. His name is Ricci Steez and he retty dope. His blog is top notch from the design to the things he decides to post. He is pretty much taking over now so be on the look out for him. I found out about him when i saw Diggy simmons "come to rock" picture. Ever sense then i've been rockin with STEEZ THE HERO.

Nike RT1 High Blue

Theses kicks are dope. I have to go out and get more Nikes because latley i've been doing alot of jordans, and skate shoes like Osiris and also Zoo york just to name a few

T.I. is back

Sorry i havent been posting lately just had to post this video real fast because it's really good.

Rocksmith Spring/Summer 2010 Product Preview

They have alot of other dope shirts hats and a load of accesories. You should go check them out

What they been waiting for

I havent been online in a couple days so im mad that i wasnt hear when this vid dropped

Nike Blazer Mid World Expo

First off i like to say sorry for the lack of post lately. I'll try to  step up my game but it's hard to balance between school and everything else. I'm a real big fan of nike blazers. I have about 3 pairs but i have to get these. The color is dope and the design's on them are sick.

The Boondocks

This is the first episode of the season 3 of the boondocks. This one is about barack obama being elected and it's pretty funny. You can watch the boondocks on adult swim which is cartoon network every week.

Way out of your price range

I saw this video today and i really liked it. I like the concept of that he's remembering what crazy things went down the night before. Also the song is pretty dope it's self. The dudes name is donnis and he can really spit. Check it out

"Only The Brave"

I came across this when i was searching for something to post.This is a fragrence from Disel. Most of the time there stuff smells really good so i see this being no diffrent. and also the bottle is real dope.

Super street fighter 4

I'm a big street fighter fan so i def going to have to get this game. I'm also a big hip-hop fan so when mega producer just blaze made the beat for the commercial it just got me attached. Also alot of new games arent just $4o here is the commercial i saw.

Best dressed celeb of the week

Lupe looking fly in his Trilly & Truly jacket. Also his hi-top puma's which go good with the outfit. Cool navy blue jeans, not baggy but not tight just right. Also he changed it up a little cause not much people wear burgundy. Good job lupe

Diggy what, diggy who?

This is diggy's new freestyle that just droped tonight. Which means not to many people have heard it yet.

Diggy what Diggy who Freestyle

We are lazers and not losers

All of you probably already know this song by lupe. Im beaming but this is the video and i like it. The video has a outer space type theme. So here it is lupe fiasco im beaming off his upcoming album lazers

I just wanna love you "RIGHT HERE"

Song and video came out about 3 months ago but im just now hearing it. I really like it surprised because i usally dont like slow songs but this one is dope. and he has a cool name. "ERK THA JERK"

Madden NFL 11 trailer

I want to start off first by asking how do you guys like the new blog? Shouts out to Rebekah. You really did your thing. Now, if you did'nt know im a VERY BIG GAMER. i saty on xbox live like all the time, So i was really happy when i saw this. Madden Nfl 11 trailer. It looks really good and it comes out august 10th. Cant wait till it comes out.

Chris brown and tyga

song is prety dope. i like the video also

Contest time!!!

So lately i've been trying my best with headers but i just cant get a really dope one. With this being said it's your chance to have your skills seen by the hundreds of people that visit life of lelo.(I THINK IT'S HUNDREDS) The rules of the contest are below.

. Please use the two pictures at the bottom. You can use both or just the one you feel like.
. Please incorparate the color's red, black, and white in the header.
. Max of only 2 entry's per person.(WE NEED TO GIVE EVRYBODY A CHANCE)
. Send all entry's to my e-mail:
. The words "life of lelo" must be in header
. And last but not least, please be creative and use your imagination.
Good luck!!

l.o.l.~life of lelo


This song is hot but i also fell like it has a powerful message in it. J. Cole is one of the Mc's on xxl's freshman 10 so you know he has to be bringing that fire and dope lyrics. So check his newest video out titled i get up.

l.o.l.-life of lelo

Duffer's spring/summer fleece

I really enjoy collegiate inspired garments. I didn't grow up in the 80's but i love varsity jackets so i have a thing for big logo's that stand out on clothing also. Duffer’s spring/summer fleece gives us (THE FANS), both of the elements into one and put this mature looking fleece sweater toghether to be real dope. It comes in both navy blue with yellow text andgray with white text. Also as you can see in the picture both sweater's come with caremel brown buttons on them.

I'm single for tonight

This is lil waynes new song titled im single. I like it alot, it's not fast like all his other songs. This one is smooth and laidback. I have to put this in my chill section in my music libary. So check it out for yourself new lil wayne-I'm single

UNDER CONSTRUCTION(mixtape update)

I've been busy lately trying to get this mixtape toghether. As you can tell the name of the blog and url has changed because i want people to know me for my music. I hope you guys support my mixtape when it comes out. I don't have an official release date yet but hopefully i will soon. The title of the mixtape is first look. Also contact me on twitter and my e-mail:

I cant forget that tree

song is dope like the video and kid cudi and snoop dogg is a great mixturenof two diffrent styles.

Wiz khalifa and Curren$y interview

so you may or you might not know wiz khalifa and curren$y are not only 2 great rappers but also best friends.This interview is funny wiz khalifa just being cool with his shades on and curren$y bugging out acting silly and what not.

This weeks Nation top 10

Joell Ortiz lemonade freestyle

Hope you enjoy this. Also it just came out today.

Road to Revolver-Episode 2

I'm going to be posting these T-pain road to revolver episodes every time they come out. Missed the last one but from here i'm going to get every one and post it.

Drake over offical video

Man Im In a "DAZE"

This song has been out for about a year. The last couple months jbar and soulja boy have been on almost every hip-hop radio station in the u.s. promoting this song. The hook on this song is real catchy and addicting no wonder why this song is now nation wide. Hands down jbar is the most popular artist on s.o.d. money gang (next 2 soulja boy). Finally the video is out. and i know for a fact it's going to be on every channel for a while so et use to it.

Sunday conversation

This time i just wanted to post some videos i saw looking around this week.Also if your wondering when i am dropping my mixtape i should start recording end of this month if everything goes as planned. Well enjoy the post and i'll talk to you guys later.
Actually was expecting this video to be better because the dream always haves good videos. it just has girls dancing around him while hes peforming but i like the song.

This is a good song by wale. Thought it was cool that his fellow DMV rapper tabi booney directed the video.Song has like a 80's feel to it.

Teenage killer's

you all know lil twist from young money but young jisu might be new to you guys even though hes been on his grind for a little over 4 years now. well this song that they have is dope nothing but lyrical content.Check it out

03 The Leak Pt.2

Big sean interview w/ peter academy

speaks on features for his upcoming album and mixtape, finally famous t-shirts, and items his needs on his tour bus.

Throwback Thursday

one of my favorite songs by snoop dogg, Video is grat also.


fabolous there is no compettion 2 mixtape was real good. This is his seconed video off of the mixtape called im raw

Weezy thax you

Weezy thanks you is the name of lil waynes new website. Its for all of his fans that want to keep up with him while he is in prison

B.O.B. freestyle on tim westwood


Massive Attack

i was hyped for this vid and nicki minaj and hype williams did not disipoint me.

Diggy on 106 & park

yesterday diggy was on 106&park talking about how he got signed and the people that reached out to him to congragulate. He also spit a freestyle and he went in.CHECK IT OUT

Roger That Freestyle-Bow Wow

Bow wow's back. Not his best freestyle but still hot.check it out.Also diggy simmons will be on 106 & park today @6pm.check the jet setter out on BET.

Mixtape Monday

I like jim jones.I use to be a big fan of the Diplomats so i was excited when i saw this. All the songs are good some of them annoying.See for yourself below and also watch the trailer.(all these mixtapes got me thinkin bout comin out with my own HINT HINT!!)well anyways check it out.

Fabolous-Body ya

Finally out

Rock city come to takeover

I use to listen to rock city a while ago but then i stopped.Might start again if all their songs like this.


new music from zach of team blackout

01 Doing My Job

Sunday Conversation

All you guys know Nas and Damian Marley are working on a project toghether called distant relatives.Cant wait till it comes out.Damian marley is just an all around artist and nas is a lyrical wordsmith.This is going to be hot.

Everyone cant wait till lupe fiasco's lasers album drops.But now hes talking about helping the world. Im sure you see the commercial alll the time on t.v. He talks about his expierence and the team of people joining him.


Sorry.My internet was going mad slow yesterday so i coudnt post this cafe ft fabolous im everyone in the vid akon,jadakiss,sheek louch,dj envy and much more.o yea before i forget i got the fabolous body ya video coming on monday.

Fashion friday

I love bape hoodies and t-shirts but now they got ties.dont usally wear ties but if i did i would make it 1 of these.

No time 2 waist

just figured i'd do a quick post before i go to sleep.diggy just got signed on monday.most people let the great feelings sink in but he has waisted no time giving us his newest song came to rock. he swithced up on us a little with this one but its really hot.

Diggy-come to rock 8 ( snake-eyes) by RICCI STEEZ

Soundtrack 2 my life KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch) from DatNewCudi / DP on Vimeo.

Dope lyrics the only thing i slang now

video is hot.they got the rangers in this vid also.i gotta get the snoop dogg skull candy headphones in this video.

Why yall dudes mad at me

welcome to the fresh academy.they stepped out of the bix on this one.i cant see them making a song like this but its dope

Crowned King Music presents...Dre Playlizt

Dre is a student that goes to my school and wants to be a rapper.people been hatin on him but im just doing this for him so he can leave me alonelol.Hes recently working on his remix to beamer benz or bently called POLO NIKE on the look out for him.

XXL freshman 10

j.cole,pill,nippsey hussle,wiz khalifa,oj da juiceman,freddie gibbs,big sean,jay rock,fashawn,donnis are all xxl's 10 fresman for 2010

Fashion Friday

I think the ladies really gonna like this.These new G-shocks with roses on it are hot.all my female followers need to get this.


song is pretty good.

Short dawg is kinda like a big deal

song is dope.

Just Begun

Jae millz is dope.this beat is real smooth and laid back.i really like it

Shut up just keep ya eyes on the road

pac div and the cool kids.crazy collaboration


Never knew this was Joell ortiz.just knew jim jones was on it.

o my god why dey jeans so tight?

hands down best song from the new boyz.beat goes hard verses are crazy and they got tyga on it.i like this video check it out

Im Back on my J.O.B.

Llyod banks beamer,benz,or bently video is got apperences from beanie sigel, juelz santana, and maino.dope song and vid


Since its march 9th 12 years since biggie smalls died.if he was still here 90% of rappers will be can i take your order please?
1)who shot ya?

2)10 crack commandmants

3)Dead wrong

4) juicy


2 new soulja boy videos i been waiting for

finally 2 milli is here!! also sponsor with gucci mane and tieraa marie

Mixtape Monday

Fabolous is one of my fravorite rappers.This mixtape is dope.He collabarated with dj drama.Fab always haves plenty of punchlines but this time it was a bunch of them.The blogsong to look out for is "BODY YA". go check it out

know i lived & missed some bullets

pursuit of happeness video 2.i actually like this one better than the original one.

Just the begining

diggy Just The Begining


this film about jay-z from vodka should be dope.

Lay em' out like school clothes on the first day

jae millz killed it.this song is called first 48.also coming soon to young money is corey gunz.

Fashion friday

diggy simmons sneaker