Weekly Mixtape: Wale-more about nothing

This is a sequel to wale's mixtape "a mixtape about nothing". This mixtape is really good and has alot of great songs on it. When it comes to lyrics Wale did his thing and it didn't feel like he held back one bit. The song to look out for is called "The MC". He went in on this track!!

New Music

Gucci Mane Ft. Swizz Beats
"Gucci Time"

gucci mane its gucci time  feat. swizz beatz


Im really feelin air maxes. I need to get me a pair of these. Trying to post a little bit more just been busy lately but going to start updating almost every day.

Kazuki Kuraishi x Adidas Original

This picture is dope. I got to get me a pair of Adidas now.

Im in between but way more fresher

Kanye's Rosewood Movement is taking off fast. He has been wearing nothing but Designer suites. Im not sure what he is exactly doing but he probably promoting his "Good ass job" Album. Here are some pictures of him. 

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