Im living in that 21st century

This song is dope the beat to the lyrics i like everything about it. The song is called power and we know for a fact kanye is back. #TEAMKANYE

Dont see me, See art

If you guys dont know its a new artist and i really enjoy his work. His name is Ricci Steez and he retty dope. His blog is top notch from the design to the things he decides to post. He is pretty much taking over now so be on the look out for him. I found out about him when i saw Diggy simmons "come to rock" picture. Ever sense then i've been rockin with STEEZ THE HERO.

Nike RT1 High Blue

Theses kicks are dope. I have to go out and get more Nikes because latley i've been doing alot of jordans, and skate shoes like Osiris and also Zoo york just to name a few

T.I. is back

Sorry i havent been posting lately just had to post this video real fast because it's really good.

Rocksmith Spring/Summer 2010 Product Preview

They have alot of other dope shirts hats and a load of accesories. You should go check them out

What they been waiting for

I havent been online in a couple days so im mad that i wasnt hear when this vid dropped

Nike Blazer Mid World Expo

First off i like to say sorry for the lack of post lately. I'll try to  step up my game but it's hard to balance between school and everything else. I'm a real big fan of nike blazers. I have about 3 pairs but i have to get these. The color is dope and the design's on them are sick.

The Boondocks

This is the first episode of the season 3 of the boondocks. This one is about barack obama being elected and it's pretty funny. You can watch the boondocks on adult swim which is cartoon network every week.

Way out of your price range

I saw this video today and i really liked it. I like the concept of that he's remembering what crazy things went down the night before. Also the song is pretty dope it's self. The dudes name is donnis and he can really spit. Check it out

"Only The Brave"

I came across this when i was searching for something to post.This is a fragrence from Disel. Most of the time there stuff smells really good so i see this being no diffrent. and also the bottle is real dope.