Teknines – 18k Gold earphones

These earphones are crazy dope. There like bullets in your ear. 18k Gold to listen to your music is just straight RIDICULOUS. The price is 250 dollars. I guess it depends on the buyer because you can get a iphone for 200 dollars so why just by some headphones for 250. But remember, they are gold and you'll be the coolest person in the streets. If i got theses i wouldnt even have to be listening to music for them to be in my ears. They will be available for online purchase in about 10 days if not mistaken.


  1. those go hard, i def would get them....if money grew on trees lol

  2. YOOOOO!!!! those are some crazy ass head phones!!! dope!

  3. haha those are absolutely dope! And 250 dollars is not toooo much, it's alot of money but sometimes it's nice to spend money on small things like that. I would definietly get them, and wear them carefully haha, nice post man! And thanks for followin, I appreciate it!



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