New Diggy Simmons

Diggy needed more time to make his airborne mixtape perfect for us the fans. So since he has us waiting he put out this song which features  Bei Maejor.Download the song HERE

Can you teach me how to dougie

This is the teach me how to dougie remix. When the song first came out i didnt really like it but now i heard it mad times so i enjoy to listen to it.

Diggy simmons is "AIRBORNE"

Diggy recently released a freestyle from his upcoming airborne mixtape called Little Monster. Its really dope and im sure everything on his mixtape will reach the standards. I just hope that it doesn't get pushed back like his first flight mixtape
Download Little Monster HERE
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Chivalrous Culture

So i was looking around and i saw this preview of Diggy's new sneaker line dropping in august Chivalrous Culture. These are the hi-tops and from what i can see in the picture they are pretty dope.

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And we be steady mobbin

This is the official video for steady mobbin by lil wayne featuring Gucci Mane. It's so amazing how lil wayne still is one of the hottest rappers today while in prison. Well, he did shoot eight videos the night before he went to prison. If thats just one night imagine that week. He gets out in November but it's going to fell like he never left us.

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Stunna told me to stunt

This is bow wows new song Big s**t and i like it. Beat is good lyrics are dope. Also the video is not that bad either.

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MYy dude Baby Milo

These are dope. Im a fan of Bape but dont havealot of it. Now im going to try to get some more.

Im also on hip hop culture blog

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Puma speed cat 2.9

it)Not A fan of puma but these caught my eye because of the Ferrari logo on them. I really like the red ones because they pop out. I think puma also haves Ferrari track jackets. Anyway i think these are dope so i posted it for you guys. Peace out.