Super street fighter 4

I'm a big street fighter fan so i def going to have to get this game. I'm also a big hip-hop fan so when mega producer just blaze made the beat for the commercial it just got me attached. Also alot of new games arent just $4o here is the commercial i saw.

Best dressed celeb of the week

Lupe looking fly in his Trilly & Truly jacket. Also his hi-top puma's which go good with the outfit. Cool navy blue jeans, not baggy but not tight just right. Also he changed it up a little cause not much people wear burgundy. Good job lupe

Diggy what, diggy who?

This is diggy's new freestyle that just droped tonight. Which means not to many people have heard it yet.

Diggy what Diggy who Freestyle

We are lazers and not losers

All of you probably already know this song by lupe. Im beaming but this is the video and i like it. The video has a outer space type theme. So here it is lupe fiasco im beaming off his upcoming album lazers

I just wanna love you "RIGHT HERE"

Song and video came out about 3 months ago but im just now hearing it. I really like it surprised because i usally dont like slow songs but this one is dope. and he has a cool name. "ERK THA JERK"

Madden NFL 11 trailer

I want to start off first by asking how do you guys like the new blog? Shouts out to Rebekah. You really did your thing. Now, if you did'nt know im a VERY BIG GAMER. i saty on xbox live like all the time, So i was really happy when i saw this. Madden Nfl 11 trailer. It looks really good and it comes out august 10th. Cant wait till it comes out.

Chris brown and tyga

song is prety dope. i like the video also

Contest time!!!

So lately i've been trying my best with headers but i just cant get a really dope one. With this being said it's your chance to have your skills seen by the hundreds of people that visit life of lelo.(I THINK IT'S HUNDREDS) The rules of the contest are below.

. Please use the two pictures at the bottom. You can use both or just the one you feel like.
. Please incorparate the color's red, black, and white in the header.
. Max of only 2 entry's per person.(WE NEED TO GIVE EVRYBODY A CHANCE)
. Send all entry's to my e-mail:
. The words "life of lelo" must be in header
. And last but not least, please be creative and use your imagination.
Good luck!!

l.o.l.~life of lelo


This song is hot but i also fell like it has a powerful message in it. J. Cole is one of the Mc's on xxl's freshman 10 so you know he has to be bringing that fire and dope lyrics. So check his newest video out titled i get up.

l.o.l.-life of lelo

Duffer's spring/summer fleece

I really enjoy collegiate inspired garments. I didn't grow up in the 80's but i love varsity jackets so i have a thing for big logo's that stand out on clothing also. Duffer’s spring/summer fleece gives us (THE FANS), both of the elements into one and put this mature looking fleece sweater toghether to be real dope. It comes in both navy blue with yellow text andgray with white text. Also as you can see in the picture both sweater's come with caremel brown buttons on them.

I'm single for tonight

This is lil waynes new song titled im single. I like it alot, it's not fast like all his other songs. This one is smooth and laidback. I have to put this in my chill section in my music libary. So check it out for yourself new lil wayne-I'm single

UNDER CONSTRUCTION(mixtape update)

I've been busy lately trying to get this mixtape toghether. As you can tell the name of the blog and url has changed because i want people to know me for my music. I hope you guys support my mixtape when it comes out. I don't have an official release date yet but hopefully i will soon. The title of the mixtape is first look. Also contact me on twitter and my e-mail:

I cant forget that tree

song is dope like the video and kid cudi and snoop dogg is a great mixturenof two diffrent styles.

Wiz khalifa and Curren$y interview

so you may or you might not know wiz khalifa and curren$y are not only 2 great rappers but also best friends.This interview is funny wiz khalifa just being cool with his shades on and curren$y bugging out acting silly and what not.

This weeks Nation top 10

Joell Ortiz lemonade freestyle

Hope you enjoy this. Also it just came out today.

Road to Revolver-Episode 2

I'm going to be posting these T-pain road to revolver episodes every time they come out. Missed the last one but from here i'm going to get every one and post it.

Drake over offical video

Man Im In a "DAZE"

This song has been out for about a year. The last couple months jbar and soulja boy have been on almost every hip-hop radio station in the u.s. promoting this song. The hook on this song is real catchy and addicting no wonder why this song is now nation wide. Hands down jbar is the most popular artist on s.o.d. money gang (next 2 soulja boy). Finally the video is out. and i know for a fact it's going to be on every channel for a while so et use to it.

Sunday conversation

This time i just wanted to post some videos i saw looking around this week.Also if your wondering when i am dropping my mixtape i should start recording end of this month if everything goes as planned. Well enjoy the post and i'll talk to you guys later.
Actually was expecting this video to be better because the dream always haves good videos. it just has girls dancing around him while hes peforming but i like the song.

This is a good song by wale. Thought it was cool that his fellow DMV rapper tabi booney directed the video.Song has like a 80's feel to it.

Teenage killer's

you all know lil twist from young money but young jisu might be new to you guys even though hes been on his grind for a little over 4 years now. well this song that they have is dope nothing but lyrical content.Check it out

03 The Leak Pt.2

Big sean interview w/ peter academy

speaks on features for his upcoming album and mixtape, finally famous t-shirts, and items his needs on his tour bus.

Throwback Thursday

one of my favorite songs by snoop dogg, Video is grat also.


fabolous there is no compettion 2 mixtape was real good. This is his seconed video off of the mixtape called im raw

Weezy thax you

Weezy thanks you is the name of lil waynes new website. Its for all of his fans that want to keep up with him while he is in prison

B.O.B. freestyle on tim westwood